Lease Line

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A Dedicated Internet Access (Internet Leased Line) is a premium internet connectivity product which is dedicated, fully duplex nature of Bandwidth and provides symmetrical speed Internet.

Leased Line service is sold as a rated speed, not an up to speed or is not shared among users. Dedicated internet access is like having your own personal lane on the Information Super highwayas opposed to sharing the same traffic lanes as everyone else. All the time (24x7x365) you will be traveling at exactly the speed you have subscribed and you were guaranteed.

Key features

  • Flexible bandwidths.
  • Rapid installation of business critical communication links.
  • Guaranteed fix times combined with high availability.


Why Dedicated Internet Services

  • Uptime guaranty of 99.5%+ through OFC cables.
  • Free 24 hour helpdesk support
  • Spam Free Bandwidth to insure your employees do not spend time on working on unnecessary emails
  • Availability of alternative gateways to suit to your business needs (Voice, Video etc)
  • Total ownership approach
  • In today’s world, due to increased need of global communication and use of various technologies, Internet has become most prominent and crucial component of communication infrastructure, all businesses whether a large company, an emerging business, a start-up or a government organization, require the fast, reliable and secure Internet access that will give its employees, partners, customers the ability to operate seamlessly in a world where information sharing is a critical application.